What We Do / Who We Are


We are the law enforcement leadership people.

“PSL’s leadership programs are effective and well-designed.  The staff delivers with intelligence, integrity and a knowledge of how to reach and educate law enforcement personnel.”  —  Chief Terrence M. Cunningham, Wellesley MA &  President, IACP.

Our classes are an investment in the values and talents of leaders at every rank in police and corrections agencies.

We have earned a reputation for offering thoughtful professional development courses and workshops for supervisors, middle managers and executives in public safety.

“PSL delivers a quality experience” — Boston Police Commissioner (ret.) Edward A. Davis III

We reach and teach the head and the heart.

“Thanks so much to Liz, Pat, and yourself for your thoughtful insight into the world of being a supervisor/boss and your helpful techniques dealing with this ever changing world we live in. 

“I appreciated the open forum that the class was involved in and look forward to this new chapter of my law enforcement career. 

“Also, thank you for the Emotional Survival for LE book as I have been reading it with my wife and I find the book was written about me. 

“Keep teaching and I look forward to attending one of your classes in the future.”  — Respectfully, Mike Brunstetter, Worcester PD, TSLP 40

We practice what we preach.  We learn from our careful reviews of the in-depth evaluations that we ask each participant to complete at the end of every class and session. We ask for and receive thoughtful, candid feedback.

We value and grow from the corrective suggestions and we also like the positive responses.  For example, in our Sergeants’ Leadership Program, we find that about 96% would recommend TSLP to a colleague and about the same percentage find the instructors either excellent (75%) or satisfactory (25%).

Our programs offer the best value in professional development.  We are known for delivering high-quality programming at affordable rates.

“Arlington’s participants have returned from this training with a better understanding the important role they play in the organization and a renewed willingness to take ownership of that role by exercising leadership – rather than talking about it.  —  Chief Frederick C. Ryan, Arlington MA

Solutions to Organizational Problems.

We are privileged to work with police and sheriffs’ departments on a wide variety of organizational problems.  We believe deeply in Henry Kaiser’s idea that “problems are opportunities dressed in work clothes.

We have provided services such as strategic planning, leadership development and guidance of transition processes.  Our clients include the Essex County (MA) Sheriff’s Office, the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (Mass. Chiefs).

We love doing this work.

We believe in the fundamental decency, values, hearts and minds of the people who take up the calling of policing and public safety careers in our democratic society. It’s our privilege to support you. We place the skills and knowledge we have acquired in service to the mission-critical task of your leadership education and organizational excellence.

JimJordan_sm_duoJim Jordan

Jim Jordan served as the founder and first Director of the Boston Police Department’s Office of Strategic Planning and Resource Development, where he facilitated the creation of a number of strategic partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholder groups.

Jim has taught policing courses at Northeastern University and UMass-Lowell in addition to leadership courses, such as The Sergeants’ Leadership Program©, that he co-created with Liz O’Connor of Strategy Matters Inc.  Jim is certified as a trainer in Facilitative Leadership and as an MBTI Administrator. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


Pat_sm_duoPatrick Bradley

Patrick Bradley in his 32-plus years in corrections and private security has served as the Massachusetts Undersecretary of Public Safety and Security; Superintendent of the Norfolk and Suffolk County Houses of Correction; as Special Sheriff in Suffolk and Director of Security for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Pat is in recovery and has been doing outreach work to alcoholics for over 20 years.

Pat’s law enforcement managerial and leadership experience includes fiscal management; human resources management; collective bargaining; legislative affairs; interagency coordination policy development; disorder management; strategic public safety design and implementation. He is a successful manager of structural and cultural change in all these areas.

An investment in the values and talents of leaders at every rank.