Organizational Consulting


We have a reputation for helping executives develop lasting solutions to challenging organizational problems. We bring three critical assets to every job.

  • We care are about the people and the mission of police and other public safety organizations.
  • We are culturally competent: we speak and understand police and public safety.
  • We are highly trained and experienced.

Here are some of our areas of expertise.

Strategic planning

Help the leadership clarify the organization’s mission, values, and priorities and create actionable strategic plans. Strategy is from the Greek term, strategos, meaning “general.” It means putting resources in position to win an objective. The process plugs everyone into the system and provides standards of accountability for people, programs, and allocated resources. The goal of the process is very practical: to align resources – people, materiel and finances – with the organization’s priorities.

Cultural diagnostics

“In the most comprehensive review of organizational culture to date, Trice and Beyer (1993) define culture as ‘shared, interrelated sets of beliefs about how things work; values that indicate what’s worth having or doing; and norms that tell people how they should behave,’” (R.H.Kilmann).
Culture is to the organization what personality is to the individual—a hidden, yet unifying theme that provides meaning, direction, and mobilization. We’ll help you identify cultural norms that interfere with performance, morale and personnel development and offer you lasting solutions.

Improving interpersonal communication

Create alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics—at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), personnel will begin to surface the best ideas and make the highest-quality decisions.

Developing leadership teams

We will help you assess the effectiveness of your leadership team and offer practical, durable solutions for improvement. Leaders, personally and professionally, gain more by the applying the method of collaboration. Leaders coach and develop success-driven teams by creating a space where individuals can collaborate collectively to share ideas. Collaboration fosters engagement. It is important to allow others to feel they are an integral part of a process. For this investment of trust you receive great ideas and tremendous follow-through on implementation.

Contact us at to talk about what you want to achieve and how we can be a resource for you.


“Jim’s hard work and expertise really helped me upon taking office to identify the key strategic issues that needed my attention. He worked well inside our department because of his way of engaging line personnel and his subject matter expertise.”

  • Chief Thomas G. Robbins, Boston University

“I found them to be a real asset. They listen and then they think with you. They work well inside a department because of their personal styles and ability to connect with sworn personnel.”

  • Chief Steven Carl, Assumption College

“Liz O’Connor is a natural — she relates well with everyone. She listens well to each question and is direct and honest with her answers.”

  • Training Participant, 2007 Capital Fundraising Institute
The Children’s Investment Fund

Culturally Competent

“Jim’s work with us was a great resource as we worked to clarify our mission and goals. He has a unique mix of experience and personality to work effectively with police and other criminal justice organizations.”

  • Chief Daniel C. O’Leary, Brookline Police Department, President, Mass. Major City Chiefs Association

“Jim has demonstrated a remarkable capacity in the way he approaches strategic planning, facilitated discussions, and the promotion of planned change. He brings a style that encourages and excites participants in planning sessions that has proven to be extremely productive.”

  • Commissioner Robert C. Haas, Cambridge Police Department

Highly Trained and Experienced

“I selected Pat Bradley to manage the Commonwealth’s massive relief project at Otis (NG Air Base) for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. From nothing he coordinated the efforts of human services, public safety, military and federal and state agencies to create a caring refuge for people seeking relief from devastation in New Orleans. He did it with a combination of compassion and toughness. The people he helped would have elected him mayor if they had the chance.”

  • Gov. Mitt Romney, MA

“Liz O’Connor’s expert facilitation moved our strategic planning along and made people feel comfortable and heard with just the right touch of humor. I find I learn from Liz every time she does a consultation for us.”

  • Silja Kallenbach, Director
The New England Literacy Resource Center

“We worked on a long-term project that resulted in fundamental culture change in our Department. We have developed a culture of ownership and accountability up and down the ranks. We have seen evidence as well in community surveys that showed that the public has noticed.”

  • Deputy Chief Scott Carriere, Peabody Police Department

“The Reading, MA Police Department worked with PSL to develop a strategic plan in order to give the department’s leadership clear direction as the department worked through a time of major personnel transition. Jim Jordan’s insight and thoughtful communication with a wide variety of stakeholders, including government officials, politicians, police employees of all ranks, was invaluable in creating a strategic plan for the department. Jim was able to make people feel comfortable to share their points of view freely and get to the heart of concerns. He was then able to accurately interpret the information gathered and use it as helpful guidance for the department. This process, while risky in some ways, was invaluable in bringing the command staff together to understand a common direction they could all accept, and give a blueprint to guide the department going forward. I would recommend this process to any department.”

  • Chief James Cormier, Reading Police Department

“The Executive Board completed a two-day strategic planning session under the leadership of Jim Jordan. It was a terrific exercise where members of the Executive Board participated in a very thorough process of planning for our Association. This will give us a roadmap to follow for the next two years.”

  • Chief A. Wayne Sampson, Executive Director, Mass. Chiefs of Police Association

An investment in the values and talents of leaders at every rank.