Executive Decision-Making in a World of Uncertainty


This workshop starts from two premises:

  1. You make consequential decisions with multiple stakeholder interests in them.
  2. The leadership skills that have brought success as one climbs the leadership ladder are not necessarily the same skills one needs to lead complex organizations. In politically charged inter-agency deliberations, multilateral negotiations, complex emergencies and crises, the skillset is different – broader, deeper and not always easy to wield.

Former Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Army Chief of Staff George Marshall said it best,

“It became clear to me at the age of 58 I would have to learn new tricks that were not taught in the military manuals or on the battlefield. In this position, I am a political soldier and will have to put my training in rapping out orders and making snap decisions on the back burner, and have to learn the arts of persuasion and guile. I must become an expert in a whole new set of skills.”

The modules cover several dimensions of making consequential decisions in the world of ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • Adaptive Leadership for Executives.
  • Managing Laterally and Down: Creating Ownership and Accountability.
  • The Dynamics of Followership
  • Managing Hypervigilance.
  • Detoxifying Toxic Situations.
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication.
  • The TEAL Loop — Trial, Error, Assessment, Learning — and Continuous Improvement in Decision-making
    • Managing Cognitive Bias and the Brain Science of Decision-making.

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